Sizanani is the isiZulu word for ‘help one another’. 

Sizanani is a Non-Profit Organisation that offers training in sewing and pattern making.

The aim is to enable people who are unskilled and unemployed to obtain the required skills for self employment.

Sizanani charges for its training BUT it is affordable for students who do not have the financial means to afford tertiary education.

Sizanani has also helped some students who find learning in a formal environment difficult.

Sizanani wants to equip students with a skill that will enable them to provide for their family whether it is making clothing for their own use or making articles that can be sold to bring in an income for the family.


Sizanani offers the following courses:


*   3 month basic course

*   10 month Advanced course

*   2nd year Higher Certificate course


10 month part time course. 

Attendance can be as follows –

Saturday mornings

Weekday mornings (helpful for shift workers)

* Donate
Please choose your own amount

The growth of personal dignity, self esteem and spiritual well-being is also encouraged.