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Friends of Sizanani Fund

This Fund welcomes YOU to participate in ensuring the work of Sizanani can continue well into the future.

  1. Monthly or Annual donations from YOU, help Sizanani to keep the Students fees to a minimum.
  2. The more Friends committing to regular donations means a step closer to financial stability for the NPO
  3. Quarterly newsletters are distributed highlighting aspects of the project, as well as sharing stories.

There are various payment options shown on this page, for you to be able to make your donation.


Prayer – for Sizanani and for each student who enters its doors

Donation of pieces of fabric (1.5 m to 2m pieces) to make skirts or shirts

Donation of fabric for sample work – cottons, linens and twill are the best for this use

Donations of

  1. thread,
  2. fabric or paper scissors,
  3. pins,
  4. tape measures,
  5. unpickers,
  6. tracing wheels,
  7. hand sewing needles,
  8. tailors chalk
  9. L-Square Rulers 

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PMCMA – Sizanani
133 947 6681
133 926


For some years, Sizanani has had an Income Generation component which makes casual and clerical shirts that are sold to bring in an income for the project. The unusual designs that have been incorporated onto these articles have become well-known world-wide as being made at this project. The designs used are modelled on the artwork of the Ndebele tribe of South Africa.

These Shirts are made by a past graduate of Sizanani.  The purchase of the shirts shown on the price list enables Sizanani to promote the work done in the training centre as well as raising funds to offset the expenses of the project.